My name is Danifodi Nizigiyimani. I came to United States in 2007, and before that I was in a refugee camp in Tanzania for eleven years. 


I always loved suits. Being  a small guy, it was hard for me to find the best fit for me. My job required me to wear suits, but all suits that I wore looked big on me, it always looked uncomfortable. So I decided to make my own suit. Then I planned to do it for other people, with hopes to make them look and feel better and more confident. 


In 2020, Danifodi Custom Suits was established. A culmination of everything I've learned throughout the years to give quality service, and quality of suits. 


When I was back in refugees camp, everything there was very limited, like food, education, and business, but now I feel so proud that I am here in Iowa, and I love doing this.