How It Works

The first step is to schedule an appointment with us.

Second, we schedule a consultation to learn more about you, including what style of suit you prefer.

Here are some questions you can expect:

  • Is this suit for a special occasion? If so, what kind of suit would you like?

  • What role will you play at the event? Will you be the groom, a guest, a speaker..?

  • Is it something you'd like to wear frequently? Are you looking for a casual or formal suit?

When we meet, we go over fabrics, linings, buttons, the design of your garments in every detail.

You can choose from 1000s of fabrics from the best mills.

We'll be able to narrow down what you need based on our conversations.

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Schedule an appointment/consultation

Fabric Selection





Following your measurements, we will take 27+ measurements, as well as shoulder and posture notes and photos, which usually take about 15 minutes.

All fittings, alterations, and finishing are included in the price.

As soon as your suit is ready, we will contact you to schedule a fitting. The fitting usually takes about 20 minutes. The garments can be taken right away if there is no need for alterations.

Any necessary adjustments will be handled after your fitting, such as taking in the jacket, adjusting sleeve length.

Once your suit is ready, we will bring it to your home or office.