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How It Works

Schedule an

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Here we will figure out what will work best for what you need. We start off asking about basic needs from what you want, how you want your garment, and when you need your garment worn


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Following customizations and style, we will go ahead and take 15+ detailed body measurements. During this process we also encourage if you have pants, shirt, and or a jacket that fits you best that you bring them with you so we can properly fix issues regarding existing garments.


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We have thousands of fabrics and selections to choose from. Once a consultation is scheduled we will sit down with you and go over a thorough breakdown of style choice and color customizations!


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Garments take within 6-8 weeks to deliver. Upon delivery to us we will reschedule a final fitting for your garments. Alterations and or remakes of any kind wont require an additional charge.

**We encourage garments to be ordered within 2-3 months ahead of time to when you absolutely need to wear the garment. This gives us time and leverage for any alterations needed within a 1-2 week time frame**

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